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HEY, an RP with no Larxene yet :O, which means, of course, we're looking for one~

The year is 2645 AD. The world is going backwards.

The earth began to experience a slow downward spiral beginning in the 21st century, where the powers of the world grew hungrier and hungrier. Their greed drove them to take and take and take, and so the planet's resources began to dwindle. The abuse of the world, contributed to by pollution, war, and hate, caused it to begin to slowly fall apart. Yet they pushed for advancement, in attempts to make life as simple and complete as possible; ultimately, they failed, and only made things worse. The government could not see, but the citizens did.

The Power and the People began to split. The two took on these personas, aptly fitting their titles, and thus began the silent war of regression. A worldwide rebellion began to slowly take shape, and those that valued the earth realized what they must do to survive: reverse history. While the governments encouraged the planet to continue along a path that would ensure destruction, many of those who knew the truth forced a change on their lives; they began to remove more and more of the modern-day technology and innovations from their lives, little by little, adjusting.

Existence moved into a checkmate. Time, for now, was frozen. The People would not change, and there was nothing the Power could do to force their ways upon them. Try as they might, they only pushed them farther. The world, by now, hand become like something out of a science fiction novel, a historical steampunk of existence, and it was as if the 17th century was happening all over again. While the lands controlled by the Powers "thrived" with metal and smoke and oil, the People looked to the earth and sea, neglected the "new ways" and progressed through their backwards renaissance.

With the birth of the 27th century, soon followed the mythology and legend of the day. Out of the sepia-stained papers that recorded the tales of yore came a fantastical cast of characters from the past: namely, the age of the pirate began again. Not only its people, but its ways and beliefs, even the legends of fantastical creatures such as the mermaid and kraken were breathed life into once again.

This is where our story begins. It is an echo of the stories told long ago, so brilliant and fascinating they bore repeating. And so we shall.

These are the lives of the gentlemen of fortune. This is the sweet trade.

thesweettrade + thecrowsnest + davyslocker

Accepting characters from anime/manga, Square-Enix, Marvel, and more.
This won't be your ordinary pirate game. Come along for the ride, luv?

Annnd, because spam is bad I'll also add in a link to a WIP with a mention of Larxene in it~ here~

[x-posted to a lot of places sorry D: ]
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