Axel. (fierymemory) wrote in pathosvilify,

Play with me~?



Hey! Having a hard time finding a decent RP partner? Looking for something specific? Looking for an Axel to take home with you? :}

No, this isn't an RPG ad. Rather, it's a single-roleplayer ad.

Basically, I'm a very open minded individual who happens to enjoy playing Axel from Kingdom Hearts a lot, and I'm looking for others to play him with. In addition to playing both slash and het pairings, just about any, I'm also open to playing with a wide range of characters, ones that do not necessarily have to be from the Kingdom Hearts series.

This journal is something called a "Roleplay Generator," if you will. It is a journal where you can apply to interact with my Axel in pretty much anyway you like, through roleplay. It is generally a one on one thing as opposed to a huge game with many different characters and players, although I am not opposed to small groups wishing to come together. The idea was originally started by a_young_hero, but I thought it was so neat I decided to do it too.

Feel free to friend this journal, as I do plan to have him make IC entries (maybe he'll interact with you~?) or preferably, apply to play with me? :)

If you're interested, please visit my USERINFO for more information on how to play with me. There is also examples of my RP and a lengthy profile written up on Axel so you can get a feel for playing with him.

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