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Title: Pretty Things
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Pairing/Characters: Larxene/Namine =D With several implied and not-so-implied-but-stated side couples.
Rating: Hard R, maybe NC-17
AN: To sate my horny, horny muses.

Larxene loved how pretty Namine was. She loved her smooth, china doll skin, the way it felt beneath fingertips and fingernails, beneath lips and teeth and tongue. It tasted just as nice as it looked. And, of course, it always looked best with a healthy, rosy flush, splashed across her face and chest and thighs, where Larxene always loved to look.

She also loved Namine's silky, straw colored hair. It felt so wonderful when she ran her fingers through it, like a curtain of golden silk. And it also made an excellent hold to show just how much she enjoyed things.

Then there were her pretty blue eyes, which Larxene loved so much she just had to hide them from the world behind black silk, leaving them private and Namine vulnerable, all the easier to bend to her wicked wills. Blind and mute and bound; that's how Larxene liked her Namine.

Larxene loved to share her pretty things, too. With her other pretty playmates, like Zexion or Marluxia or Axel. And since Namine was her little pet, her pretty little doll, she did as she was told, and Larxene got to watch the pretty show left over.

Yes, Larxene loved her pretty things, and Namine was her favorite.

Hopefully, this is better than I think it is. But it probably isn't. Blah.

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